The beautiful thing about the internet is that you can find valuable information regarding just about any topic you can imagine. Some of the more popular subjects are covered by literally millions of websites. The dental care corner of the web is no exception. We took some time to list 10 of our favorite informational dental care websites from around the web. If you think we’ve missed a site, please list it in a comment below and we’ll see if we can add it to part II of this post.
Your Dentistry Guide touts themselves as the “Consumer Guide to Dentistry”. I’d have to agree. Of all the sites on our list, this site is the most comprehensive. You’ll find information about the various dental specialties, general dental care tips, dental insurance information and much more. We especially like that Your Dentistry Guide is clean, visually-appealing and a snap to navigate. is run by the American Dental Association – the voice of the dentistry trade. Here, you can catch up on the latest issues in the dentistry field and learn how to keep your oral health in optimal shape. has recently focused on providing marketing and management advice to dental professionals. However, you can still find some great consumer product reviews and tips to keep your smile looking great.
The Mayo Clinic has long been recognized as the top medical institution in the United States. Simply put, they know their stuff. They’ve put together a nice resource full of answers to the most common dental care questions.
The Dentistry Guide, Shawn Watson, provides a great resource to get your common dental care questions answered. A dental professional herself, she has first-hand experience dealing with a number of oral health conditions – so you can trust that she knows her stuff. You’ll also notice that Shawn is not afraid to tackle the tough issues currently circulating the dental industry – we like that.
You may be wondering why is on a list with oral health information resources. After all, only helps consumers to find dentists right? Actually, no. has worked hard the last couple of years to create a dental information destination including information about dental schools, common dental conditions and even a budding blog dedicated to improving the oral health of consumers – in a way that won’t lull you to sleep. has long been known as the “go-to” health guide on the web. If something is ailing you and you want to quickly find a preliminary diagnosis for your problem, then chances are you’d visit This probably isn’t the case for dental care issues, but it’s worth a visit.
Oral-b doesn’t just sell dental care products. They also provide an easy-to-use resource for finding information on a variety of dental care topics ranging from dealing with bad breath to learning to brush your teeth properly.

Medlineplus is another trusted dental care information resource brought to you by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.
Like Oral-b, Colgate is most known for producing dental care products. However, they too have created a respectable oral health information resource that’s worth a look. Oh yeah, and you can also find some money-saving coupons while you’re there – BONUS! 🙂

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