HumanaOne, a Humana company, recently unveiled new individual dental insurance and vision plans on its website ,

Steven DeRaleau, chief operating officer of HumanaOne, said of the launch,

We’re excited to be expanding to new areas of the country at a time when more and more people are in the market for individual health products, including dental and vision plans. These are affordable plans for the self-employed or for people who may not have dental and vision coverage through their employer’s group plan.

The unemployed are unfortunately another fast-growing group that are seeking dental and vision plans – no doubt HumanaOne is also looking to serve this group.

Dental Plans

1. HumanaOne Dental Preventive Plus Plan

This dental PPO plan does not require a dentist selection and offers low deductibles and no copayments. HumanaOne’s most affordable plan offers coverage within network on a number of services including: oral examinations, x-rays, cleanings, topical fluoride treatments and sealants. Learn more about HumanaOne Dental Preventative Plus coverage.

2. HumanaOne Dental C550 Plan

If you’re looking for a dental insurance plan, this one covers preventive care and offers low copayments on many other dental procedures. After a $10 office visit copayment, you’ll be 100 percent covered for many preventive and diagnostic services such as cleanings, X-rays and oral exams. The plan also provides fixed dollar co-payments for other procedures. This dental pre-paid plan requires you to select a primary dentist (but you can easily change your selection). Learn more about the HumanaOne Dental C550 plan.

3. HumanaOne Dental Discount Plan

This Dental Discount plan is not insurance, but you can save 20-50 percent on many dental care services. Unlike dental insurance, dental discount plans do not require you to pay premiums or co-payments. Instead, you pay-in-full with each dental visit, but enjoy significant discounts on most procedures.

Vision Plan

. HumanaOne Vision Insurance

If you’re looking to keep your eyes healthy and save money, our vision insurance plan can help you save on eye exams, eyeglass lenses and frames, and contacts. It also offers discounts on LASIK and cosmetic extras. Learn more about the HumanaOne Vision Insurance Plan.

With thousands of quality doctors and dentists in their provider network as well as dependable service, HumanaOnes’ insurance plans are worth a look. For more information on HumanaOne’s dental and vision plans visit

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