A few weeks back we reported about the promising new dental-only program launched in Iowa to serve underprivileged and underinsured children.

Sadly, the program reportedly has hit a bit of a snag. Orthodontists in particular appear to be concerned that the reimbursements for orthodontic procedures by Aetna Dental, the programs coverage administrator, are too low.

Dr. John Hermanson, president of the Iowa Society of Orthodontists, said he’s not comfortable with the terms of the contract with the insurer, and his attorney is reviewing it. “There has been a pattern of mistreatment by Delta,” he said. “It’s not about the money. It’s not an unwillingness to treat these kids(desmoinesregister.com).”

Under the dental-only program, orthodontists are reimbursed by Delta Dental up to $4,300 for orthodontia treatment, about $1,000 more than Medicaid. Donn Hutchins, CEO of Delta Dental says that his company is working hard to get Orthodontists on board with the program.

We’re going to continue to keep an eye on the program’s progress because the implications of either failure or success are so huge. Stay tuned.

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