Halitosis, the technical term given to “bad breath” is considered one of the most common oral disorders. From time-to-time nearly everyone has struggled with a bout of bad breath.

Many people are content with treating bad breath as it arrives. However, dentists often recommend a more proactive approach.

So, what can you do to banish bad breath forever? Check out these 7 tips for making your breath smell great day-after-day.

1) Brush & Rinse (with water) After Each Meal – Sure, you may have to get creative if you don’t want to be seen brushing your teeth at work, but this is one of the best ways to ensure that food particles do not get stuck in the pockets surrounding your teeth.

2) Floss at Least Once Per Day – Flossing is equally important as brushing in my opinion. Just like recommendation number one above, flossing is intended to remove food particles from between the teeth. This will, in turn, create an unfavorable environment for bacteria growth. That’s exactly what we’re after.

3) Brush Your Tongue – The tongue carries approximately 50% of the total bacteria in your mouth. Where there’s bacteria, there’s odor. Whack this bacteria by brushing your tongue with toothpaste for at least 10 strokes. The middle 1/3 of your tongue is most prone to bacteria growth so pay special attention to that area. You may even want to check out some of the products on the market which are designed specifically to rid the tongue of bacteria.

4) Avoid Refined Carbohydrates – Avoid eating foods with refined carbohydrates and sugars like cookies, sweets, cakes, carbonated soft drinks, ice creams and syrups. Besides being bad for your breath, these foods can be particularly nasty on your waistline.

5) Drink Plenty of Water – This recommendation follows the same lines as the above suggestion. Drinking plenty of water reduces the occurrence of dry mouth by stimulating saliva production. Stick to water as alcohol and caffeinated drinks can lead to Xerostomia (dry mouth).

6) Swap out Your Toothbrush Every 3-4 Months An old toothbrush is a bacteria-riddled toothbrush. Gross, right? Bad breath or not, this is a good tip to remember.

7) Quit Smoking – This is easier said than done, I’m sure. However, smoking caused nicotine and tar(among other nasty chemicals) to build up on the cheek walls, tongue, and teeth surfaces. It comes as no surprise that bad breath is nearly inevitable if you smoke. However, following the above tips can minimize your risk for developing bad breath.

Your Tips

How do you get rid of bad breath? Do any of this tips above work particularly well for you?

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