Teething Baby Tips

Teething Baby Tips If you or someone you know has a teething baby, then you know how frustrating and helpless it can make you feel when it seems like there’s nothing that will soothe the little one. Luckily, there is countless things you can try to soothe that teething baby. We’ll explore a number of teething baby tips that will help soothe them.

Anywhere from three months old to a year, a baby will cut their first teeth, usually the bottom front two, quickly followed by the upper front two. So many cute baby pictures show smiling babies with these four important starter teeth, looking adorably cute! Their first set of twenty primary baby teeth will be complete around three years old.

Some babies are not bothered by teething at all; the parents are completely surprised at another tooth or two showing up without a whimper, however some babies are very fussy during the times the gums are red, swollen and inflamed. This period of time is about three to five days before the actual eruption of the tooth through the skin. This time is especially distressing to new parents, and they want to help their little one with the discomfort. Here are the most common tips plus some homeopathic remedies that have been used.

The Tips

First of all, none of these teething baby tips are intended to replace medical advice or should be used without talking to your child’s pediatrician first. This is informational only, and based, of course, on common sense.

Teething Rings – By far, the most popular, these are safe and some come with fluid in them intended for freezing. Cold feels very nice on sore gums; plus we all know that coldness can help reduce swelling. Some mommies buy amber teething rings; cold and cute!

Chewable toys – Keep baby toys clean and let them gnaw away. The baby may prefer their own fists or your fingers, and little teeth can be sharp, so depending on your child’s biting ability, proceed cautiously.

Mild pain relievers – Utilize mild pain relievers prescribed by the doctor only for safety.

Gum massage – Try gum massage with a baby-proof object; clean finger, a cold teething ring, a cold large piece of celery or carrot or Popsicles for older children. You can also massage a baby’s gums with essential oils; approved by a doctor. Chamomile teething oil is a favorite, or clove oil usually mixed with an essential oil like almond massaged directly on the gums.

For moms still nursing, it may help for her to up her intake of vitamin C, and drink soothing Chamomile tea herself for the benefit it may provide through mother’s milk. There are also homeopathic remedies on the market with the brand names of Hyland’s and Boiron that have a variety of products.

Your Teething Baby Tips

Do you have any additional tips for soothing a teething baby? Please leave them in a comment below so we can share them with other readers.

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