Technological advances largely mean that dental care is growing increasingly comfortable for patients. However, some people may find that a routine trip to the dentist prompts an allergic reaction. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, the two most common allergies that a person may encounter at the dentist are to latex and anesthetic.

People may be at an increased risk for a latex allergy if they have spina bifida, are prone to allergies, are a healthcare worker or are employed in the rubber industry, the American Dental Association states. Masks, gloves and syringes are all commonly made of latex, but if a patient has a sensitivity to this material, a dentist can use supplies that are made of an alternative substance.

Some people may also discover that they have an allergic reaction to certain local anesthetics. If this is the case, a dentist may choose another option for anesthetization. If you know you are allergic, the AGD says you should let your dentist and their staff know before you begin treatment. Additionally, if you suspect you have had an allergic reaction, discuss it with your dentist.