Teething Baby Tips – Our Best Advice

Teething Baby Tips  If you or someone you know has a teething baby, then you know how frustrating and helpless it can make you feel when it seems like there’s […]


How to Choose a Mouthwash?

One of my biggest challenges when I got out on my own was choosing and purchasing basic health care items. I already had strong opinion regarding my shampoo and all […]


The Link Between Gum Disease and Common Health Conditions

If you know you’ve been placing your oral hygiene to the bottom of your priority list then it’s essential that you continue reading. Many are not aware of the dangerous […]

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Porcelain Veneers: An Introduction

Porcelain veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry where a shell of porcelain that is tooth coloured is placed on your teeth in order to correct the appearance that have […]


Top 5 Natural Tooth Whitening Tips

There’s a large number of tooth whitening methods and products on the market today – everything from whitestrips to UV lights. However, a growing number of us are interested in […]


How to Effectively Treat Gum Disease At Home

It is easy to prevent gum disease if you know a little about the condition and how it is formed. If you catch the symptoms early on, it is easy […]


The Risks of Dental Jewelry

Dental jewelry is very popular in a wide range of options such as teeth grills, oral piercings and tongue splitting. The trendy “bling” has been around for thousands of years […]


Why flossing everyday is important for your dental health

Flossing: Most people don’t do it regularly If someone (say your dentist) asked you if you brush your teeth every day you’d probably answer with a resounding yes. You’d probably […]


How does food affect dental health?

Food affects a person’s dental health a great deal. Teeth can be worn down simply from normal chewing of food. Fruit and fruit juices that have citric acid, like lemons […]


Individual Discount Dental Plans Explained

As opposed to dental insurance plans which are governed by the same structure as medical insurance, individual discount dental plans are more like memberships. They are available in every state […]

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