With rising dental care costs, many individuals and families are skipping their annual trips to the dentist. However, significant evidence now exists that supports the notion that good oral hygiene is important to your overall health. Therefore, skipping trips to the dentist should be avoided at all costs.

Thankfully, with an individual dental plan, you will no longer have to worry about skipping the dentist. Since you’ll be saving 10% to 60% on most dental care procedures you can be confident that you’re not overpaying for the quality dental care that you need.

Once you’ve become a member of the affordable discount dental plan of your choice, you’ll simply present your membership card to your participating dentist for the services you’ve received and you will pay the discounted rate according to your selected plan’s fee schedule.

It really is that simple! With 100,000+ participating dentists in combined networks, and a powerful search feature, we’ve made finding a dental plan providers near you a snap.