Featured Plan

Each month we’re going to feature a discount dental plan or dental insurance plan that will help you save a significant amount of money at the dentist.

This month’s featured plan is the Avia Dental Plan. The Avia Dental Plan, based out of Wheeling, WV, is one of the most comprehensive, yet affordable discount dental plans on the market today.

Avia Dental Plan Benefits

  • Affordable discount dental plans starting at only $8.00 a month
  • Everyone is accepted
  • No Waiting. Once you’ve signed up, you can immediately start receiving discounts
  • Save up to 50% on your dental expenses, our fee schedules are lower than most dental plans
  • Unlimited visits to the dentist

Includes Vision & Prescription Discounts

What makes the Avia Discount Dental Plan unique at this pricepoint is that the plan includes discount prescription and vision services as well. How many discount dental plans do you know that can say that?

For additional information regarding the Avia Dental Plan, our discount dental plan of the month, simply visit the Avia Dental Plan Information Page.

Cory Kemp is the founder and chief editor of DentalPlanCards.com. He's committed to providing consumers with helpful tips for saving money at the dentist. Follow me on Google +